This site was created in order to guide you step by step through the process of writing your own programs in A4gl. To run our examples please download and install the VDC Client first.

If you want to start the 4gl application and have the client operate in Listen mode then you need to set these settings manually. In order for a 4GL application to talk to the client, you need to tell Au-bit4GL where the client is that it needs to connect to, by using the Clients IP address. Setting A4GL_UI=XML makes Aubit4GL use the XML protocol required for communicating with the Client program. You therefore need to set :

$ export AFGLSERVER=ip.addr.of.client
(You may also need to set A4GLPORT – although this default to the same values within the Client and the XML UI module.)

$ export A4GL_UI=XML

Ring menu, Dialog menu, Pulldown menu.

VDC Navigation

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DateEdit fields with the Attribute “format”


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Special Attributes in A4GL

In this leasson we want to demonstrate the
different attributes for the screenform, such as : ButtonEdit, TextEdit… .
Each screenform attribute has a special attribute.

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TextEdit fields

VENTAS VDC Making TextEdit Fields

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Main Window

VDC Main Windows Demo

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Input fields

VENTAS VDC Input Fields

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Using Google Maps with the VDC

VENTAS VDC and Google Maps

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Using Folder tabs

VENTAS VDC Folder Tabs Example

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Using the Construct

A4GL Construct Example

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A4gl Attributes

VENTAS VDC A4GL Attributes

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Display/Input Arrays

VENTAS VDC Display Array

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VENTAS VDC Progressbar

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Using VENTAS default style


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