/ Customer-Intranet

VENTAS offers professional support for VENTAS.ERP and for VDC and A4GL.

Professional supports grants you access to the numerous updates with enhancements and bug fixes. VENTAS customers can install the VENTAS updates by themselves with a very simple to use setup wizard. Alternatively, updates can be loaded automatically at specified times.

To figure out if an update at this time would make sense for you, you can go directly from the VENTAS main menu to the release notes which individually showcases based on your specific version which changes you will benefit from after an update. These changes could be completed support tickets, new developments or completed jobs that you had ordered.

VENTAS also offers an online help, comprehensive training documents, a collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and a roadmap of future development in which customers can participate.

VENTAS differentiates between three different priority levels for support requests depending on the urgency of the problem.

A request with the “A” priority is promptly addressed.

Support requests can be send by e-mail
or phone.


Project Overview

All reported support cases as well as programming jobs can be reviewed on our website within the customer intranet.

This ensures that our activities remain transparent to you so that you can track the progress of your VENTAS projects accurately. You are free to enter comments at any time to influence the process.

Orange colored lines mean that a job for instance was already completed but has not yet been installed on your system. That way you can easily decide when it would make sense for you to update..

You can install updates in a so-called training company first. This gives the users the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new functionality before it is transferred to the real operation.


 and Release-Notes

VENTAS places great importance on being in step with actual practice. That’s why we have an open ear for our customers needs and provide early insight into our development plan in the customer area so that customers can influence it.

VENTAS partners provide their own code changes to get integrated in the standard package. All partners take advantage od the development of the others. This increases the strength of VENTAS ERP and ensure an ever evolving product for partners.

The large breadth of functionality is one of the great strengths of VENTAS. All customers benefit through successive updates from these new development



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many questions from the day-to-day work of our customers with VENTAS get collect in our FAQs. Maintenance customers can directly access the current collection in the VENTAS main menu at the press of a button.