1. April 2015

A lot of improvements were implemented in 2014. The most significant 35 fetures are
now described in our Release notes.

You can display the Release Notes using the access point in the VENTAS Main Menu or
your by your Customer Login on this website.


8. December 2014

A new Version of the Document Generator is available for these areas:

Letter/Fax to customers, suppliers and adresses in general
Broking contract
Purchase inquiry
Purchase order
Shipping documents
Purchase contract
Party documents
Delivery note
Sales documents, custom defined like Shipping advice and others
Palett label
Sales contract
Debit note
Consolidated invoice

The execution speed was strong improved. The format DOCX for VENTAS documents
can now be used. New variables were added.

In the following example you can see a document template and the corresponding
generated document



Generated document


The VENTAS document generator was extensive improved, gaining more stability,
specially in mass-operation

29. October 2014

The Formats DOCX und XLSX von Microsoft Office are now part of the VENTAS file
formats for documents and reports.



Documents, like Invoices or Order confirmations, can now also be generated as
a DOCX file

On reports also XLSX was alternatively implemented. This increases the list
of formats available, making der user more flexible.

Other supported formats are: PDF, ODT, ODS, DOC oder XLS, among others.

The generation process of documents was optimazed, specially for a lot of
sumultaneous proccesses

Die new functionality is now available in VENTAS 10.

30. September 2014

VENTAS offers now connectivity to the shop solution Shopware.

Products, pictures or stock availibility can be exported to the web
shop automatically.


Sales orders can be also imported. These orders can be processed in
VENTAS for delivery and invoicing the items.

You can easily find the imported sales orders in VENTAS.

The shop revenue can be analyzed in detail with the VENTAS report generator.


30. September 2014

VENTAS enhanced an interface to the POS system Vectron, as an optional feature.

You can import all sales and payments (cash, EC- or credit card) in VENTAS.
Then you can analyse the revenue using the VENTAS report generator.



This way also the POS turnover is integrated and centralized on your server.

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