The Technology

Each program module, which is developed in A4GL can run on the following platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android and Win-RT.

In other words: you develop a module and it can almost immediately be used on all these platforms!

No major programming effort necessary, you merely need to adjust the size of the screens forms to the resolution of the respective device.

The A4GL programming language is designed for fast development. However when it comes to developing mobile apps its speed is without equal.

The high speed of development combined with the most advanced technology for graphical interfaces makes the VDC with A4GL a first-grade toolbox for developing modern commercial applications.

Speed is important, not only in development. Our technology is characterized by a very fast execution time. This way you get a rapid return on investment without permanent, hidden employee costs due to processing waiting time.

Learn and Install:
Learn how you can use the VDC.

This way you can participate in the VDC project.

Professional Support:
If you need assistance or access to additional VDC features.


Learn and


The VDC runs with modules written in A4GL. A4GL is an international, professional open source project, initiated by the british company Aubit in the mid 90s. VENTAS has contributed the graphical interface to this project in the fomr of the Ventas Desktop Client which is now also available as a mobile app.

The VDC itself is free in its basic version. Maintenance customers receive additional features such as graphics in 2- and 3-D. You can download the VDC for PC workstations from our website. For the mobile version use the Google Play or
App Store.

The simplest way to use the VDC for your own applications is to download it and register. Then, you can find under “Options” access to the online documentation which will explain all the steps for you.


We invite C ++ and 4GL developers to participate in the VDC / A4GL project.

The source code can be obtained from Gitorious or Sourceforge. Under Gitorious you can create a new fork, and send your code changes either as a tarball at email or simply notify us so that we can check and merge your fork.





If you plan on porting projects, app programming or if you need consulting
or maintenance services feel free to contact us.

A4GL and the VDC are generally compatible with Informix 4GL, Querix or 4JS.
The VDC offers a lot of possibilities to make your 4GL application looking best.

Additionaly, we provide on the server side new tools for reporting and
document generation that did not came with the original language.
The A4GL language advances the already fast and efficient 4GL language to
also fulfill modern requirements.