15. February 2014

The VDC2 and VENTAS10 are now published. This allows yo to run VENTAS applications
on mobile devices.


Now every VENTAS module is able to run on
tablet computers or smart phones. The typical VENTAS menu buttons on the
right side on every screen form can be also used, so you will be feel familiar

In a first version we will provide a selection of modules like:
Adressbook, customer revenue, sales order, quotation, purchase overview and

In mobile Applications we adapt the field number to the resolution of the device
screen. We differenciate three resolution levels.

The adaptation of modules in order to run on mobile devices was made very easy.
Every module made with A4GL can be used mobile. So the App development for 4GL
developers became incredible fast.

Only the screen forms of a 4GL application hast to be adapted to the desired
screen resolution.

The VENTAS company phylosophy is platform independence. With the VDC for mobile devices
we make a strong step forward in this direction.


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The VDC.mobile for Google-Android und Apple-iOS is Google play an App Store available.

The VDC for WIN-RT will be published in the beginning of 2015.